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Can your child open a safety belt?
A child opening the safety belt, securing the car seat, is dangerous; Beltlock is the answer.

Keeping children safe, when traveling in the car, is our priority.  When children open the safety belt securing the car seat it is dangerous for the child and distracting for the driver. As a parent, you can protect your children by using Beltlock to secure their car seats in place. It is an auto accessary that easily fits over the safety belt receiver and can be removed without difficulty by an adult using a key.

Beltlock was born out of desperation! As a mum of four children I worried about how I could keep the children safe when I was traveling in the car. Beltlock is one of those simple yet effective ideas that truly works. Once fitted, it takes the worry out of traveling with small children. It fits over the Safety Belt receiver and prevents the opening of the Safety belt securing and locking the car seat or booster seat in place. When you need to remove the car seat Beltlock can be easily opened by inserting a key between the slots to press the red button.

Beltlock prevents accidents and keep children safe -By the time you know they have undone the Safety belt it could be too late. Beltlock is a small solution to a BIG problem. If its not your problem today, it could be tomorrow.
Beltlock has been designed and made, to very high standards. It is made of high-grade plastic which is highly visible and durable.  Beltlock offers peace of mind as it is designed by parents, for parents.

BeltLock will form part of a larger collaboration: "Project 5".
This is the first in a range of products to come, we hope you'll love it as much as we do...
BeltLock is a registered trademark of Project 5 creations Ltd.
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How it Works
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